The Healthy Nail Project

Meet Nicole Aandahl

Ms. Nicole Aandahl is the creator/owner of The Healthy Nail Project based in Washington, Dc. Before I post her response to her innovative idea, I would like to mention that she has been involved in advocating for mental health in her community after she lost her little brother to suicide due to his bipolar disorder.

“I started the Healthy Nail Project to help nail biters and pickers transcend their habit.  The program is a holistic approach rooted in mindfulness, self care and education and is the only one of its kind.  I created the program in order to overcome my own habit, which had tried many times to stop.  I got serious about stopping when I saw my three-year-old mimicking my behavior.  I learned all I could about nail anatomy and growth, nail care and grooming, body specific repetitive behaviour, and intention-setting. I even evaluated my diet and learned about nutrition for nail health!   Following my carefully crafted process I overcame my 35+ year habit in just two weeks, and restored the health and growth of my nails in just four.  I first started my blog to provide information on nail care and offer support for nail biters, and began planning a structured program. This first cohort of the Healthy Nail Project’s “Heal Your Hands” program will start in Washington, D.C. this May.  The program kicks off with a mini-retreat and is followed by four weeks of self care, on-going support, nurturing manicures (nothing fake!), and a complete guide to the program as well as a luxe “quit kit.’  I will be taking the program on the road this summer, with locations both North and South TBD.  I am so excited to offer this program to help people overcome what seems like an insurmountable obstacle, and set them on the way for happy, pain-free, healthy nails!” IG/FB/Pinterest:

Be sure to check out her website & pass the word on to anyone who may be interested in learning how to overcome their habits and maintain healthy nails! I am excited about her vision and wish her success!


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