Your Vote Is Your Voice

As I was driving in my neighborhood this afternoon, I noticed the sun was shining and it was rather beautiful weather for the month of October. Autumn season can bring in the change of leaves, brisk winds etc but today was just the opposite. I decided to take the long way back to the house and saw a very long line at the Dutchess County Board Of Elections, from the front door, around the corner and down the block. I slowed down to take a closer look at the faces and there seemed to be a buzz of chatter, not frustration, but rather determination.

Election day is November 3rd, 2020 and many of us had the opportunity to view the Presidential debate recently. As it stands, we are in a state of emergency, a global pandemic that has taken the lives of many and left the rest of us feeling discouraged and at times, helpless towards the future. From the mandate to wear masks, isolate at home and intense measures taken to enforce sanitizing, social distancing and cleanliness in stores and with families at homes, it has been an emotional rollercoaster and for some a real-life nightmare. We have all been affected and now, more than ever, we need to make a collective effort to bring about change and restore faith in humanity again. There are various issues we have to face as Americans, like climate change, prison reform, immigration, systemic racial discrimination, police brutality, healthcare, poverty and so on. We need to have elected officials who are determined to implement policies and protocol that will serve our best interests. We cannot afford to let ego, pride, arrogance and selfishness take lead anymore because it is evident that when we do, we ALL suffer.

Our mental health is suffering, our children, from toddlers to young teenagers, are confused and feel detached from their understanding of how this world works. There are questions being asked at dinner tables across America about the leadership and direction of our nation. We need to feel confident in our Government and our Law Enforcement. Federal and state officials have sworn to serve and uphold a standard and we need to hold them accountable. Our Commander-In-Chief needs to have an empathy and a resolve to tackle each issue with an open mind, willing to accept advice, ideas and engage in dialogue that will foster an inclusive and respectful environment. I get it, we all are TIRED. We hear so many different quotes, we see memes on the internet, we laugh, cry and try to make sense of our future all in one breath. We remain strong, to set an example for loved ones, children, friends yet we are all searching for relief. At least for a moment, a collective “SIGH” that can be felt and heard when we go about our errands, when we travel, or simply being able to take a walk to the waterfront and watch the sunset. I do not feel that it is about a particular party at this point, I feel that it is about UNITY. From differing backgrounds and cultures, having the ability to agree on one important factor : WE NEED CHANGE. Backwards thinking, old ideas and methods will not work for a nation that wants to be progressive. We, The United States of America, filled with brilliant, hard-working and compassionate individuals want to work towards a society where we are not only surviving but thriving; reaching out to help those who may need assistance and having a genuine interest when we see one another and say ” How are you today?”

I do not know how many people I can reach from my personal blog but I would like to use my platform to speak out and motivate those individuals, who like myself, feel discouraged and feel like ” Hey, I’m only one person, what can I possibly do to be this agent of change? Whose listening to me, anyway? ” Well, I cannot promise you that every issue can be solved and fixed overnight but I can guarantee that if we each, decide to do our part, the end result will be amazing. We will have used our voices, our platforms, our hearts to connect and inspire others to move forward. We can do this! It’s as simple as saying “Yes, I would like to make an informed decision about the future of our nation” VOTE! In person or by mail! Here is a link to a site called ” Rock The Vote”. So much info that will assist you on your status and how to find out where you can go to vote in your state and so much more :

Our democracy is in our hands and we have proven that we can exceed expectations, we are a powerful nation and our differences are an asset in building a better tomorrow. I believe in each one of us and I am excited for what lies ahead.

With Love,

Melanie S. Lawson


Be yourself. There is no one better.

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