Lost one – Jazmine Sullivan

As I’ve been immersed in my yoga instructor course, I have a playlist going on in the background. Range from Eric Roberson, Emily King, Marvin Gave, Bilal  etc. I love all genres and find that great music involves lyrics and melody. When you can relate to the song and how it is expressed, it confirms how the singer has gathered all their emotions and intent and allowed it for these few minutes, to surface. Ive been a long time fan of Jazmine Sullivan and followed her journey through music. Her personal struggles with weight loss, domestic violence relationships and her involvement in the music industry. She is an outstanding vocalist but she is also a superb songwriter. With her latest album entitled “Heaux tales” she delves into the insecurities that many women face due to lack of self-esteem, love of money, and/or relationship abuse. I had the time to listen to the whole album and it is great. Her NPR tiny desk concert is a must-see. Miss Sullivan is a true singer and she proves it in all of her live performances. I remember watching her sing “Kiss by a rose” from Seal and it was beautiful to hear her make riffs that were in sync with the guitar runs.

In this song “lost ones” She sings to a love interest whose decided that they will end the relationship due to her not being available in different ways. She made errors and as she sings about making a change in her life, she pleads with the interest to not forget about her or have any fun. Its sincere, raw and it brings you to a place of compassion within.


Be yourself. There is no one better.

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