Yoga Happens Beyond The Mat

When I first thought about trying yoga over the past few months, I thought of gurus and philosophy. Burning incense and lighting candles while chanting something deeply moving. I felt that it would involve a level of discipline that I had not quite mastered. It all seemed so overwhelming at first. I wanted to get the proper yoga gear, equipment and the perfect environment. For years, I was used to traditional methods of exercise, like gym memberships. I even tried out with my own personal treadmill in my home. I still support these methods as we need cardio but I was searching for something that could help me evolve spiritually and mentally as well.

Yoga has come along way and we have many cultures that embrace it now as a way of life. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation and even body treatments like Reiki are now included as part of alternative health practices but can be so very important in developing your personal level of well-being. There have been various studies and growing research on the mental health benefits of practicing yoga. Your own body awareness increases and it can help relieve stress and muscle strain. It can sharpen your attention span along with concentration. I am sure that you all are familiar with the nervous system : brain, spinal cord and sensory organs. Well, when you stretch your body and hold the various poses, it can boost and help maintain control of the body. The American Psychological Association has stated that yoga has become a tool of psychotherapy. It has been shown to enhance a sense of well being along with improving the symptoms of depression. The “relaxation response”, as it is called, is activated with these mind and body practices. I am currently enrolled in a yoga instructor course and as I view the different postures and try them at home , I can feel a difference in heart rate and breathing. Yoga practice can definitely improve the quality of life if you give it a chance. Take it step by step. Start with a beginners tutorial or course. Here is the website for the course I am taking : Located in Austin, Texas, the company has been known for their teaching style. There are various courses to choose from with prices. I am enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship for Black Wellness. I believe there may still be openings for this scholarship program. Don’t let price deter you, there are many websites with free options, you just have to be diligent in your research. I read a quote about yoga and it makes perfect sense. It talks about how your body exists in the past and the mind exists in the future. By practicing yoga, you can find balance and stay in the present.


Be yourself. There is no one better.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Happens Beyond The Mat

  1. Very nice!
    For me, yoga has really helped me to get in touch with my natural set point so that I know when I feel a little off when I’m living regular life. It’s also helped me with breathing through situations when it feels like it’s too much (in the moment) and also knowing when to step away from people and experiences.

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