My Black Is Beautiful

Dream without fear, Love without limits

I am inspired by a few quotes from various activists and leaders. I decided to share some below:

“The black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness”- Marcus Garvey

“If Black History Month is not viable then wind does not carry the seeds

and drop them on fertile ground

rain does not dampen the land

and encourage the seeds

to root

sun does not

warm the earth

and kiss the seedlings

and tell them plain:

You’re As Good As Anybody Else

You’ve Got A Place Here, Too – Nikki Giovani

“My ancestors are my greatest motivation!” – Stephanie Lahart

“Don’t terrorize. Organize. Don’t burn.

Give kids a chance to learn…The real answer to race problems in this country is education.

Not burning and killing. Be ready. Be Qualified. Own something.

Be Somebody. That’s Black Power.” – James Brown

Unite- Barbara Jones H.

“Yes, I glorify blackness. I love it. I love it in all its’s shades from light black to blue black.

Black, Black , Black.

I relish it. It is me. I love it.

And I make no apologies for it.

I glorify blackness. “- Runoko Rashidi

“Black women are made out of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and gold.

And the strength of ten thousand moons” – Unknown

If you’re tired of hearing about racism, imagine how some people are tired of experiencing it!

“We are powerful because we have survived” – Audre Lorde



Be yourself. There is no one better.

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