International Women’s Day 2022

This year’s campaign theme— #BreaktheBias —spotlights the individual and collective biases against women that fuel gender inequality. 

I am patiently waiting for the next”Embrace   Ambition” Summit!  I had the amazing opportunity to join The Tory Burch Foundation for their Embrace Ambition Summit in 2020. I have added the link here so you can view the article.               

 If you are a blogger, small business owner, CEO, or still have a vision board with future goals, I strongly encourage you to head over to the website and join the mailing list for updates and exclusives:

A world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive. A world where difference and value is celebrated. Together we can all forge women’s equality. To all the incredible women in the world, shine on, not just today but every day!


Be yourself. There is no one better.

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