Makadewa Ikwe (Black Woman)

My ancestors on my mothers’ side were from an Algonquin Tribe. The Algonquins (or Algonkians) are a group of Native Americans that traditionally spoke similar languages and had similar ways of life. There are Cree, Mohican, Shawnee and the Ojibwa to name a few.

An indigenous people, mostly residing now in parts of Canada, The Algonquins were closely united by a strong totem/clan system rather than the European concept of nationhood. Several Algonquin bands each had their own chief. I had the chance to read up on more facts and learn that they had a long battle with the Iroquois Tribe. There was mention of European contact and I also read in depth about the “Trail Of Tears”. A network of routes, covering several states and lasting over 20 years. I have always been interested in my history, so much so that I decided to open an account on and trace my origins. I found out much of the information from my mom and was told of African, Southern, and Scottish roots along with the Algonquin tribe. I feel a sense of pride , knowing specifically the strength I carry.

Below is a photo of my mothers’ great grandmother Mariam.

I remember watching a few videos on the Algonquin tribes and I saved one about the tribal dance. I find it fascinating how many tribes chose dance for celebration, war and even praise. Here is one dance I enjoyed: from the attire to the drums, everything was in tune and I could tell that it was a true appreciation for the culture, although it is not traditional drummers, electronic is still a great representation


Be yourself. There is no one better.

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