Lensa AI

Anime I think this is one of my favorites because it actually shows how my eyes tend to do their own thing in photos. It’s not a full lazy eye but at times it comes close!

I’ve heard of Lensa and even downloaded the app but never got around to it. I’ve even seen some bloggers try it out with amazing photos. I was inspired to give it a try myself and I was pleasantly surprised: some photos I felt were a true representation and others not so much..but overall, I would say it is worth the 7 day trial and even the yearly subscription. There is also an additional fee for the amount of photos e.g. 50, 100 and so on. Lensa AI is an app that generates avatars using artificial intelligence. It also provides tools for editing photos and videos. There are so many features, like adding music to your videos, endless possibilities.

The butterfly 🦋 earrings are so cool
I love that my nose hasn’t been altered, I believe this one is cosmic
Is this a halo or a rainbow hoodie..I feel like I resemble my mom the most in this one
My 3rd eye is open and The Color Purple looks awesome. Goddess pose
Abstract..the shades blend nice and stand alone
OK..is it just me or do I resemble BeyoncĂ©..I told ya’ll that’s my cousin LOL This one is the Egypt style
Fairy princess
This is another anime, which I think was done nicely. I love the futuristic outfits.
Brown Eyed Girl


Be yourself. There is no one better.

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