About Me

Depression is a major health concern, among African Americans, particularly women- but mental health is often stigmatized in the Black Community. It can impact people from all walks of life but because of our cultural habits and historical experiences, it can result in depression being expressed and addressed somewhat differently among black women. I created Abeautifulintellect as a forum and outlet for mental health awareness. Diagnosed with major depression in my teenage years, I struggled with ways to cope and process my emotions. For so long, black women have been taught survival techniques. Moms, Grandmothers, Aunties etc always told us to suppress by just being quiet, chalk it up, get dressed nicely and fix your face. There is a definite stigma with mental health and depression but it is due to lack of knowledge about depression and disorders. Many tend to believe that depression is a “normal” part of aging. The stereotype of the strong black woman leads many to believe that we don’t have the time to experience sadness or depression. Somehow the act of being busy or caring for others has taken precedence over self-care needs. It is so easy to become “burned out” and neglect the warning signs due to childcare, spouse, job duties and so on. Not only is there a troubling number of people who do not understand depression to be a serious medical condition, seeking help is seen as a sign of weakness. I would like to invite you into my world, where I share tips, poetry and inspiration about living with depression and/or a mental disorder. Welcome!

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